Today we are excited to launch SIZE, a new decentralized exchange specifically designed to execute large orders on chain.
CVX-ETH is SIZE’s first ever altcoin pools--a brand new feature that is exclusive to SIZE.
We are excited to announce that SIZE, the leading decentralized exchange for large orders, is now available on Gnosis Safe to bring the 0-price-impact…
Trading fee for ETH-USDC is now 1bp.
As part of the SIZE launch, we will be starting a new rewards program for both liquidity providers and traders. Read on for the details!
The DeFi Whale Squad is a commemorative NFT collection and community represented by 8,888 unique, randomly generated digital whale avatars.
We're excited to see SIZE bring large order volume from centralized exchanges to DeFi.
At Integral, we built a DEX to eliminate price impact, and make sure all primitive-defining trades are executed in a permissionless way, 100…
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